Bishorn 4153m


from Zinal church via Tracuit hut to the summit, normal route


Bishorn is for sure one of the easier 4000m peaks, glacier travelling the main part + a long and sometimes steep hut ascent along a classic red-white-marked hiking path. Therefore an ideal mountain for skyrunning (if you know how to deal with the glacier, which conditions could be best,...). Harry has chosen this peak to realize his dream of running all the way up a 4000m peak, a great challenge for him. We had some difficulties to deal with (15cm of fresh snow in the upper part, a short and cold night in the tent near the car, no real breakfast because we forgot spoons for our müsli,...), but they didn't stop us in trying this project. 


At the end Harald could fulfill his dream of running a high peak, but he got close to his physical and mental limits. If you don't know someone who has done this before, it's a way harder to believe in yourself and in your abilities. Certainly we know people that have done Bishorn from bottom to top in one push before, and for sure in a much faster time. But in this case it was the style that matters, the B-note, the HOW this skyrun was done. All running, even if it's too steep in parts and you burn and waist your energy much more faster than with hiking up, but at the end it's called skyRUN, isn't it?


More about this skyrun in German on my blog






Bishorn 4153m



Zinal church to Bishorn summit via normal route (Tracuit hut)

  • 24km/2550Hm
  • mountaineering grading: L (easy)
  • glacier travelling
  • we did it on a cold day, with a carbon piolet, Snowline Chainsen light "crampons" and Goretex trailrunning shoes, but without rope or any further glacier equipment. 
  • Zinal-Bishorn: 3h45min (inkl. breaks)

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