My Mission


As founder of the Trailrunning Community and Skyrunning Club my ambition is to provide a hangout for like-minded people like Trailrunners and Skyrunners to unify them. Exchange of knowledge and experience, discussion of related issues as well as spending the best time together, is the objective of the community. 



Through the lens and with my comprehensive reports (Blog) I hope to attract your attention for this fascinating sport, my mission is to motivate you to break through your comfort zone. I like to give inspiration with insights into Skyrunners' views. Get outside and play in our beautiful Alps! If you currently have skills of a climber, mountaineer, hiker or mountainrunner, skyrunning could be your next step, an awesome further development of your beloved leisure time activity in the mountains.


awareness raising

The Alps are not a safe playground, even though infrastructure with easy accessibility is given, medical and rescue services are at the highest level and detailed information about your objectives is easy to collect in the worldwideweb. But Skyrunning is not playing golf. A deep knowledge and expertise in mountaineering is crucial as well as to be aware of your currently fitness level, your mood and attitude at that day, the conditions of the route, be aware of group dynamics. All has to fit together to move safe and quick in alpine surroundings. Appreciate nature, show humility and improve your sense and intuition to stay without accident. Prepare your actions carefully, in this new sport we all are kind of trailblazers, kind  of pioneers with exemplary function. Be aware of your responsibility for yourself, for nature and skyrunning as a growing sport itself.

Trailrunning Community und Skyrunning Verein ZH, ZG, BE, BEO





Patricia Neuhauser


Sportwissenschaftlerin, MSc

Präsidentin Verein trail-maniacs

Autorin SAC Tourenportal


Hondrichstrasse 17c

3703 Aeschi b. Spiez


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