Alphubel 4206m

2. Versuch Alphubel

Datum: 23.06.2020

Zeit: 04:02:00

Crew: gemeinsam mit Peter, Ruedi, Timo und Hari

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from the church in Täsch via Täschhütte and Eisnase to the top of Alphubel

My second 4000m peak in the "going light and fast"- manner. With the trail-maniacs crew (Natalia, Christoph and Harald) we conquered together the broad summit of Alphubel in shorts in 4hours and 36min (incl. breaks), had a blast running down the steep snowfield and finally arrived tired and exhausted but satisfied after 8hours the church of Täsch in the centre.

The crux of the route, named Eisnase, a 40 degrees steep ice field, was still covered with snow at that time. Just 3 meters started to become icy. If you wanna run up Alphubel, try to find these passage in snow-covered conditions given the fact that Eisnase is very exposed and sketchy to climb up/down with snow chains under your feet. Alphubel glacier isn't a big risk for crevasse fall, we didn't use a rope or brought glacier equipment with us. Going light and fast on this route works very well...


If you like more of that stuff to inspire you for your next adventure, the full report of the Skyrun up to Alphubel is found on the blogsite.



  • 2700Hm/24,5km
  • from Täsch church to Täschhütte around 1h30min
  • to the top of Alphubel 4h36min (incl. breaks)
  • Täsch-Alphubel-Täsch 8hours (incl. breaks)

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