Roche Faurio 3730m


with start at Pré Mme Carle, normal route


The highest peak of the southern alps, Barre des Ecrins, has a majestic north face, the normal route goes up. Just short before the steep ascent of the icy slope begins, we turn right and stay of the sunny side. It is off-season, beginning of september, so we couldn't find a big track, but some crampon steps show the way in the direction to Roche Faurio. Many parts of the glacier aren't snow-covered anymore, some crevasses are open and the track tangles through this labyrinth of ice. As early as we have to leave rocky ground to gain the glacier, we need all our glacier equipment. Rope, harness, ice-screw, biners,...everything ready to be prepared for the case that one of us breaks in a crevasse. So Roche Faurio might be not an ideal skyrunning mountain in terms of running, but if you bring mountaineering skills and you put it together with alpin running, it is indeed. The slopes are less steep and most of the glacier is flat, enjoyable for running if you are acclimatiziced and used to the running speed of your partner because you will run roped. A funny experience for us, too. 



  • 23km/2000Hm
  • 4h5min to the top, round trip 7h50min (inkl. breaks)
  • glacier equipment necessary (huge crevasses), scrambling grade II in exposed terrain up to the peak

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