Traverse Allalinhorn 4027m


from Saasertal via Hohlaubgrat and Feechopf down to Täsch in Mattertal


The Allalinhorn is one of the popular 4000m peaks because of its easy accessibility. However, if the Hohlaubgrat is chosen as the ascent route, the mountain becomes only slightly more difficult, but less crowded. And with start in the last village Saas-Almagell and traversing over Feechopf down to Täsch, you will find yourself satisfied and exhausted on the train in the afternoon and be glad that Switzerland has such a great developed rail and bus traffic. Running from one valley to another and taking a 4000m summit in trailrunning shoes fills the Skyrunner heart with joy. 


More info, my report about this adventure and pics on my blog, click here.




  • 25km, 2570m (up), 2770m (down)
  • 4:40 up to Allalinhorn from Saal-Almagell city
  • 7h till Täschhütte
  • 8:15 overall (rests included) till Täsch church

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