Traverse Ulrichshorn 3924m, Balfrin 3796m, Gross Bigerhorn 3626m


with start in Saas-Fee and finish in Gasenried this traverse is an overall alpine catwalk


This is one of the best in this genre so far! Hardly beated in variety the traverse offers almost every second an incredible panoramic view. Ok, you have to stop to get this view. The way along block fields, steep snow slops and some scrambling parts needs your attention, but you feel that this route is an alpine panorama catwalk. It's a long day, but you'll become rewarded with a traverse you won't forget. Nadelgrat, Lenzspitze northeast face, sounding names of bigger mountaineering projects you will pass by. And with the Bordier-  and Mischabel hut there are 2 huts along the way, whose panoramic terrace invites you to take a break, relax, drink and eat. We had a long day out for almost 9 hours and 2 more hours to return back to our car, but for sure, this traverse is worth the effort when its in good conditions like now in the start of the mountaineering season.


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  • 21km, 2670m (up), 2780m (down)
  • 1:50 from Saas-Fee church to Mischabelhütte
  • 3:14 to Ulrichshorn (long break at Mischabelhütte included)
  • 6:22 to the last peak Gross Bigerhorn
  • 7:23 to Bordierhütte (there we had a second longer break)
  • 9:23 to Gasenried overall, all breaks included

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