ÜSSERs BArrhorn 3610m


Turtmanntal last parking lot - Turtmannhütte - summit


A marked path from the valley to the summit of 3610m, unique in the alps. A high trailrunning mountain perfectly shaped for runners they want to run steep and reach higher altitude, but without the necessarity to have mountaineering or glacier travelling knowledge. The long drive deep into the valley is worth the added time to reach the start of the running journey. Calm and peaceful is the valley, even though many cars have already parked at the last possibility. Üssers Barrhorn is well-known, but still not crowded. Perfect trails lead to the Turtmannhütte surrounded by alpin nature. The more high you get the more grey and white the terrain gets. The 4000m peaks Bishorn and Weisshorn appear and dominate the view when you descent from the summit. Sometimes you make one step forward and two steps backward, loose rock and scree everywhere, sometimes you feel a bit like on the moon, but the view is amazing and keep you going forward...


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  • 21km/1800Hm


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