Ulrichshorn 3925m


from the church in Saas-Fee via Mischabelhütte to the top of Ulrichshorn

Even though Ulrichshorn doesn't reach the magical 4000m line, it is an outstanding mountain for skyrunning and so our first real Skyrun in high-alpine terrain. A varied, sunny route with some stimulating scrambling up to Mischabelhütte, with a harmless glacier crossing (when in good conditions) and a snow ridge up to the highest point with amazing view all the way up from Saas-Fee. A super start into skyrunning business for sure and a run that makes you feel hungry for more adventures in this "going fast and light"-style.


To catch the right conditions, Ulrichshorn is better to attempt in early season. Hohbalmgletscher is still snow-covered and also the upper part of the route to Windjoch and above to the summit itself has no icy passage. Due to its east-facing exposition be on the road early morning otherwise the steep slope up to Windjoch becomes soft and heavy-going.

Find out more about skyrunning Ulrichshorn and read the Blog report.



  • 2100Hm/15km
  • from Saas-Fee church to Ulrichshorn 3h35min (inkl. breaks)
  • Saas-Fee - Ulrichshorn - Saas-Fee around 6h (inkl. breaks)


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